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The members of the Board of our Foundation have taken the decision to resign and close the Foundation. It is not a decision we took lightly, and we have been meeting regularly with our Advisory Board for several months to consider all the alternatives. We did try to find replacement Board members but we were not successful in doing so.
In the next 2 months we will take the steps necessary to comply with all relevant laws that apply to our situation and we will close our bank accounts, website and end our relationships with Paypal and the TGE. Therefore we request that you do not send any further donations to our bank account or via paypal and TGE.

Please kindly re-direct all ongoing and future donations to either the US Foundation www.pointingoutthegreatway.org, Geshe Sonam’s organisation, MCEC www.mustangcultureandeducation.org, or Verein Omagapunkt www.omegapunkt.ch

The Board has the greatest respect for our Sangha and we have truly enjoyed working together and with you all since the beginning of the Foundation. We regret that this step is necessary though we hope it will support the maturity, integrity and positive evolution of the EU Sangha.

With love and respect for our relationship to you all in the Dharma.

Albert Wegman
Marc Chartrand
Crista Isenegger
Annelies Boutellier

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